img_2316 Before the party started, we found yet another cross, this one hiding in the gazebo.

img_2317 Adorable Baby Nate Feldmann!

img_2319The tree wished me a Happy Birthday.

img_2323 The ‘pièce de résistance’ of the Man-Cave and my early birthday present from my better-half, a Simpsons Table Hockey game!

img_2321 img_2322 Daron and Mehler sqaure off in a no-holds barred grudge match for the ages.

img_2324 The handsome Tokarz men, Raf and Aaron.

img_2327 Super cutie Anastasia with mommy Susan.

img_2329 My SUPER birthday cake.  (Get it?)

img_2330 Superman shows that birthday candle who’s boss.  Also, the Fortress of Solitude lit up!


Kal-El looks cooler doing it than I did.


Ebbie and his son Andrew roast marshmallows on the firepit.


And speaking of marshmallows, Daron shows off his home-made Peeps.  They were edible!