img_1366 At a cafe.  They put meat on ALL their salads!

img_1372 The Pantheon – NOT the Parthenon, that’s something totally different

img_1383 It’s OK cuz it’s art

img_1399 I had to go all the way to France to meet someone with a bigger head than me

img_1401 Ours is better

img_1418 They call it the “Tour Eiffel” for some reason

img_1468 It gets windy at the top of that thing

img_1480 Lit up at night

img_1490 The Louvre – as made famous by “The Da Vinci Code”

img_1498 Disappointingly, it was not made out of gummi

img_1516 A poster advertising a movie, but I’m not sure which one

img_1538 Notre Dame – the cathedral, not the college

img_1563 This looks like a doctored photo, but it’s not, I swear

img_1569 That’s a lot of stairs to get to the top of the Arc de Triomphe

img_1585 A view from the top

img_1588 Yeah, you show that thing!

img_1614 Not pictured: the dancers in their practically nonexistent costumes

img_1688 The Pope’s Palace in Avignon

img_1731a On some old bridge

img_1736 In France, having the bridge actually CROSS the body of water in question isn’t always a requirement

img_1759 Frist winery stop – they had their cask room built into a mountain

img_1768 The fruit of the vine

img_1788 An old walled city

img_1797 A little Roman architecture in France

img_1884 Notre-Dame de la Garde: our second and final “Notre Dame” church

img_1897 A view from the top