img_1974 Tis a beautiful thing

img_1939 Left field

img_1940 Looking in from the outfield

img_1942 There was a long line at the Shake Shack!  And yes, that is the old skyline from Shea.

img_1950 A view from the Pepsi Porch

img_1952 Looking down into the bullpen

img_1963 Another shot of the side-by-side bullpens

img_1954 From the Promenade section

img_1956 That’s me!

img_1957 If they need to have a giant Pepsi sign, at least it’s a retro one

img_1966 Our fifth starter warming up

img_1969 Me by the old Home Run Apple, which is next to the bullpens.  There is a new Home Run Apple as well

img_1973 The swanky Acela Club – perfect for a wedding reception!

img_1961 A rare sight – an empty Men’s room.  Aren’t the urinals funky?  It’s like peeing on a UFO!

img_1971 My first Citi Field meal.  Nathan’s hot dog, fries, and a souvenir soda (not pictured) all for $17.75.  I was still hungry…