Senior Communications Manager

-Write copy for internal communications, including emails, intranet blog posts, and video scripts

-Create executions for company-wide initiatives



Senior Copywriter

Portfolio of selected work can be found here
-Work on social media strategies for various clients
-Mentor associate copywriters
-Develop new initiatives on existing and emerging platforms

Bray Entertainment

Supervising Producer

  • “Web Celebs” (tentative title)

-Oversaw team of story producers from pre-production to post
-Developed story arcs, themes, beats, and scripts

Sharp Entertainment

Supervising Story Producer

-Gave script notes and oversaw multiple edits to ensure every episode maintains TLC series’ unique tone
-Worked closely with Showrunner and Executive Producer


Head Writer, Development

-Helped develop new series, a collaboration between CNBC and BuzzFeed

Kornhaber Brown


-Arranged budgets and shoots for boutique NYC production company, including a spot for Vonage and a video (that went viral!) about History’s Worst Contraception


Head Writer

-Responsible for all anchor copy for daily music news show
-Pitched daily stories and recurring segment
-Assisted with story selection and show layout
-Collaborated with hosts, EP, graphics, legal, and other departments

Atlas Media Corp.

Producer/Story Producer

  • “25 Biggest Live TV Blunders”
  • “25 Biggest Reality Star Blunders”

-Researched topics, interviewed talent, and wrote scripts for talking-head style TV Guide Network specials

Sharp Entertainment

Producer/Story Producer

-Weaved stories of four separate shopping expeditions into one cohesive narrative for TLC special
-Wrote scripts and worked closely with editors

  • “Call of the Wildman”

-Formulated structure and voice of new reality show on Animal Planet
-Watched footage, write scripts, and oversaw production

  • “Quirky”

-Determined story structure and narrative arcs of new reality show on Sundance Channel
-Wrote scripts and oversaw edits

  • “The Tragic Side of Fame”

-Created structure and editorial voice for Biography Channel special
-Managed team, book talent, conduct interviews, write scripts, and oversaw all aspects of production
-Responsible for keeping show on schedule and under budget

Spike TV

Freelance Writer

  • On-Air Promos

-Wrote scripts and taglines for Spike TV’s rebranding promo spots


Producer/Story Editor

-Designed challenges and oversaw all logistics for reality show
-Ensured show’s story arc flows organically
-Worked closely with field producers and editors to ensure shows had a cohesive feel

CBS News Productions, New York, NY


  • “Creating Synthetic Life: Your Questions Answered”
  • “Brink”

– Helped conceive format and layout for Science Channel shows
– Wrote scripts, host reads, oversaw edits, and produced entire episodes and show promos
– Pitched segments, bumpers, and overall show structure
– Researched show topics thoroughly
– Booked and pre-interviewed expert guests
– Directed talent in studio and on field shoots
– Managed team of AP’s, PA’s, and worked closely with show’s Executive Producer

VH1, New York, NY

Segment Producer

  • “Undateable”
  • “40 Most Slimmed Down Celebs”
  • “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs”
  • “VH1 News”
  • “VH1 News Presents: Red Hot Red Carpet Lowdown”
  • “VH1 and Self Magazine Present Hollywood’s Tightest Bodies”
  • “All Access: Lindsay Lohan’s Most Shocking”
  • “All Access: 20 Cutest Celebrity Babies”
  • “All Access: Hollywood’s Shortest Marriages”
  • “VH1 and Self Magazine Most Wanted Bodies”

– Wrote and produced multiple segments
– Conducted talent interviews
– Helped to determine structure and angle of show and segments

Associate Producer

  • “Brokeback Mountain Movie Special”
  • “Hip Hop Honors Highlights”
  • “R. Kelly’s Urban Opera: Trapped in the Closet”
  • “All Access: Awesomely Wacky Celebrity Baby Names”
  • “All Access: Paris’ Most Shocking”
  • “All Access: Serial Daters”
  • “When Star Wars Ruled the World”

– Responsible for keeping shows under budget
– Acquired all photos and footage
– Coordinated with Rights and Clearances on clearing music, photos, and footage

Production Associate

  • “When Playboy Ruled the World”
  • “When Stand-Up Comics Ruled the World”
  • “When Supermodels Ruled the World”
  • “When Talk TV Ruled the World”
  • “50 Greatest Celebrity Breakups”
  • “50 Greatest Teen Idols”

– Screened, logged, and organized footage
– Created detailed show-logs and music cues at close of each show

NBC, New York, NY

Today Show “Al Be Home for Christmas” Video Contest Judge

Page Program

  • “Saturday Night Live” Production Assistant

– Provided cast, host, and musical guests with all requests
– Collaborated with producers and stage manager

  • “Thanksgiving Day Parade” Production Assistant

– Assisted on remote shoots, served as a runner for production staff

“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” Production Intern


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Class of 2001
Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, minor in Communication

Cornell Lunatic, Sergeant-at-Arms for campus humor magazine