Back around Memorial Day, I wrote about seven resolutions I had for the summer. So now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to take stock of how I did.

1. Get back to blogging. My goal was to write at least one new post here a week. In the 13 weeks that followed, I wrote eight posts, which translates to 62%. That’s a FAIL.
2. Exercise. It’s not my fault! The treadmill wasn’t working! And since that’s the only possible way to burn calories, what could I do? I have since fixed the treadmill, but I haven’t really ran on it. So… FAIL.
3. Take Meatball for long walks. Well, there was that three week stretch when I did not do this at all. But since we got him back I have been quite good about walking the pup. I’m calling this one a PASS.
4. Write. I could have done more, sure, but I have been working on some other projects—including having launched a new podcast. That’s not writing per se (though it does involve some scripting and writing episode descriptions), but is still another creative outlet. So I say this is a PASS.
5. Read “Ready Player One.” Done! PASS.
6. Go on dates. We went on a few, including a concert—on a weeknight! I’d have preferred to do more, but I’m going to call this one a DRAW.
7. Put the house back together. Oh yes. PASS.

Final tally: 4-2-1. Even if you take out the “draw,” I still get a 67%, which is a passing grade! There’s room for improvement; here’s hoping I can keep/improve my momentum for the fall.