Presented without segues, here are some things on my mind this week.
Stranger Things: Brilliant show. Easy to binge since it’s just six episodes. Yes, Winona Ryder gets on your nerves after a while. But still. Watch it.
Hersheypark: Great place with some really amazing rides (and incredible chocolate, of course). Want to go back. Preferably on a day when rain and 100+ degree temperatures aren’t in the forecast.
Rogue One trailer: Yes! The movie looks incredible, and the trailer had everything I want in a Star Wars movie (even one without Jedi.) And the variation on the Imperial March playing throughout? Chills! Though it also works pretty well with a Beastie Boys soundtrack
LIRR: My ride into work on Thursday took almost three hours because someone jumped in front of a train. I don’t know what the solution is to fix the problem of these deaths (or if there is anything the MTA can do), but it seems like an issue worth looking into.
Donald Trump statue: Yes it was hideous, but the NYC Parks Department showed their sense of humor in their official statement. Well done, guys.
The kids and movies: When Grace was watching a movie, she pointed to a good guy and declared, “He’s not a bad person!” When it was a villain, she identified him as a bad person… even though technically it was a fox. Eli wanted to watch a few movies that had some bad language, and I told him no. His response: “I bet they have the ‘b word’ in them. Bully.” He also thinks the ‘s word’ is stupid. Ah, the innocence of youth.