Apparently I spoke too soon. After three long, sad weeks, Meatball is finally back home!
This past Sunday morning, as we were headed to Eli’s little league game, we got a call from an animal control officer in New Hampshire, who jubilantly declared that he found our dog. (We had spoken to this guy a few times over the past few weeks, so he knew us and our story.) We were obviously shocked and delighted, and so Courtney took the kids to baseball while I jumped in the car and headed back to New Hampshire.
So how was Meatball finally found? Apparently he got inside someone’s chicken coop, ate and scared away some birds, then got stuck inside. The person who owned the chickens was understandably upset, not only because Meatball ate a few chickens, but because he also drove off some geese, which were his family’s pets. After everything we’ve been through recently, I can certainly empathize, and it is my sincere hope that his geese find their way back home.
When I finally saw Meatball again at the pound, he gave me his paw immediately, which is what he does when he’s looking for attention and affection. He didn’t smell great and he had clearly lost some weight, but all in all he didn’t look too bad considering he had been living off the land for the past three weeks.
Before heading home, I stopped to give Meatball a bath at Country Pond, where some cousins were staying. With their help, I also picked off about a dozen or so ticks. Gross.
Meatball slept pretty much the entire way home. It was late when we got back to New York, so the kids had to wait until the next morning for their reunion, but they were both happy to have their pup back. Especially Grace, who has been hugging him pretty much non-stop.
And it turns out she was right all along: it *was* the birds who helped him get back home.