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Anyone who’s ever talked to me for more than a few minutes knows that I can easily go off on a nerd rant.

And if you’ve ever been around James and I when we really get into one of our geeky debates, you know just how intense things can get… especially when we start talking about movies we feel passionately about.

Well, James and I decided that these chats were simply too good to keep to ourselves any longer, and we’ve decided to unleash them into universe of podcasts. (The podcastiverse? Podiverse? Podisphere?)

It’s called The Test of Time, and the conceit is simple: James and I rewatch some of our favorite movies, then get together to talk about them and how well they’ve aged. Ultimately we weigh all the evidence and ask if the movie has stood the test of time. Simple enough, but the conversations veer off topic into tangents and anecdotes that—we hope—are also entertaining.
So check us out! We’re on iTunes, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow, subscribe, rate, download, listen. And talk to us; let us know what you think about our dorky discussions and which movies you want us to talk about in future episodes.