It’s such a cliché to do resolutions at New Year’s. There are a handful of things I have been delinquent about this year, and now that the Summer of 2016 is unofficially underway, what better excuse to get my lazy butt in gear? And since declaring them publicly will (hopefully) keep me motivated, I hereby present my seven summer resolutions.

1. Get back to blogging. It’s not lost on me that I have been neglecting you, my four loyal readers. Ideally I’d like to get back to writing at least one new post a week.
2. Exercise. That thing I mentioned earlier about getting my lazy butt in gear? That wasn’t just a metaphor.
3. Take Meatball for long walks. It’s easy to let him run around in the backyard, and he genuinely loves chasing rabbits and barking at the grass. (Yeah. He’s weird.) But there’s still something special about going for a nice walk around the neighborhood with your pup. Also it counts as a form of exercise, so I’m checking off two resolutions at once. Efficiency!
4. Write. Outside of work and this blog, I mean.
5. Read “Ready Player One.” A bunch of people have told me that this book is right up my geeky alley, and I was recently given a free copy, so why not actually read the damn thing already? I bet if I really commit to it I could knock it out in a week or so on my commute.
6. Go on dates. Courtney and I do a pretty god job of getting out for some grown-up nights out, but let’s be honest: it’s even more fun in the summer.
7. Put the house back together. It seems like the work in our basement may never end, but it’s got to eventually. Right? RIGHT? I accept that nothing in a house is ever truly “done” and I’m sure we’ll want to make improvements beyond this summer, but for now I want to make the space usable and get rid of all the damn boxes that we’ve got everywhere.

I’ll post around Labor Day to see how I did. Wish me luck!