What an insane couple of days for the nerd community! Today we found out the official title of Star Wars Episode VII, news of a fourth Toy Story movie, and yesterday Nintendo made some pretty exciting announcements as well. So let’s geek out for a bit, shall we?

Of course I have to start with the Star Wars title. Star Wars Episode VII will be subtitled The Force Awakens. The twitterverse exploded with snarky jokes, because, well, that’s what happens now. Some people feel the title is too vague. Others think the concept of the Force “sleeping” is ridiculous. Me? I’m just excited. I mean, who cares what the subtitle is? I’m just jazzed that we know it! Of course it doesn’t make sense now; it’s totally out of context! Episodes I and IV also have titles that aren’t particularly descriptive. So what? When people talk about how amazing the original Star Wars is, no one cites the brilliance of the words “A New Hope” as the primary reason the film is so universally loved. And when people go off on why they didn’t like Episode I, the subtitle is unlikely to enter the conversation. I just don’t see any cause for concern here. In one year, one month, one week, and five days*, a brand new Star Wars movie will be playing in a theater near you. Everything else is just details.

Today we also got news that Toy Story 4 is coming our way in 2017. I have to say that I can understand some of the internet’s reaction here, because Toy Story 3 was so perfect, and it really did seem to wrap up (what many of us assumed was) the trilogy on an incredibly high note. That said, the characters have been back in shorts and TV specials, so it’s not that much of a shocker that we’re getting another proper sequel. John Lasseter is directing, and he is the guy who directed the first Toy Story and co-directed Toy Story 2, and he’s had a hand in many of the fantastic animated movies Disney and Pixar have released over the last decade or so. Of course, his last directorial effort was Cars 2, which is widely considered the weakest movie Pixar has ever released (though I personally thought it was a lot better than most people give it credit for.) I’ve got a ton of faith in Pixar, so I’m hopeful that this movie will live up to its predecessors.

In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we got word that the first batch of new tracks for Mario Kart 8 will be released on November 13th, which is just one week away! The new courses look like a lot of fun; we will certainly be playing them at this year’s Nick’s Marathon! But the announcement I was most excited about was word that The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be coming to the 3DS next year. Yes, it has been long rumored and hinted at, but we finally have confirmation! This may hurt my nerd cred, but I actually never played the game all the way through; I missed it on Nintendo 64, and when they re-released it for GameCube I started to get into the game, but I never made it to the end. I don’t remember exactly where I got stuck, but now I’ll have the chance to rescue the land of Termina while I commute to work. Rad!

*For those of you who have never seen any of the Star Wars movies, that’s exactly how much time you have to catch up. So get on it!