Bullies are the worst. And one of the things that makes them so terrible is that they always seem to get away with what they’re doing. They can figure out how to punch, tease, and torment their hapless victim whenever the teacher looks away. And if they ever do get caught in the act, they’re quick to play off their brutal behavior as good-natured fun.

But then, when the tormented kid finally has had enough, and he decides to fight back and lays the bully out cold, THAT’S when the teacher is watching. And this poor kid, who has been put through hell by his bully, is the one who gets sent to the principal’s office. He – not the bully, but the guy who defended himself – gets reprimanded for fighting in school.

It occurs to me that’s how some people are reacting to the current Hamas-Israel conflict. Granted, it is a grossly over-simplified analogy of an incredibly complicated issue with a long history. Hamas ruthlessly attacks Israel, and when Israel retaliates, they are deemed the aggressors.

I for one don’t think we need to feel all that bad for the bully.