It’s not an easy thing to segue back into day-to-day life after saying goodbye to a family member.  (And if you say that a pet doesn’t count, well then, you’ve never truly loved an animal.)  But while it’s easy to mope (and it happens to be something that I am QUITE good at, thankyouverymuch), I am making a concerted effort to move on – and that includes taking the time out to write about insignificant nerdy things.

So here goes.

Star Wars Episode VII has two newly announced cast-members, Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie.  This is great news for everyone who felt that the previously announced cast was lacking in the diversity department, and even better news for the movie in general.  I mean, Nyong’o is an Oscar winner, and Christie is Lady Brienne of freakin’ Tarth!  May this not be the last Game of Thrones actor cast in a Star Wars movie (cough, cough, Peter Dinklage.)

Unfortunately for Long Islanders and Popems lovers everywhere, as Entenmann’s is closing it’s Long Island bakery, which has been operating in Bay Shore since 1905.  The delicious cookies, donuts, and other treats will still be available to buy at your local grocer, they just won’t be made here on Strong Island anymore.  They’ll probably taste the same, but us natives will know the difference.

I haven’t had much time to play Mario Kart 8, but so far I think it’s pretty awesome  – and Eli agrees.  And the game has already found an amazing new form of viral marketing, the #LuigiDeathStare meme.  If you haven’t yet seen any of the videos, click here and check out a few of the best ones.  Bottom line: you do NOT want to get on Luigi’s bad side.