I love Chipotle.  Seriously, they make some damn fine burritos.  Sure, they’re not perfect, and there are things about the place I don’t love.  Like the ridiculous cost of getting some guac.  The long lines at lunch time.  The guys walking around with dangerous weapons.


Wait…  what?

Yes, this past weekend some geniuses went into a Chipotle near Dallas carrying guns.  Because…  um… Second Ammendment?  Maybe they were concerned that terrorists would target their local taco hangout, or maybe they simply felt that by not bearing arms while they enjoyed their fajitas, they would be disrespecting everything our founding fathers fought for.  Well, either way, the good people of Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety quickly launched a social media campaign, and they were able to successfully pressure Chipotle to formally declaring guns unwelcome in their restaurants (with the exception of law enforcement personnel.)

This is great news, mainly because it shows that there are people with good sense in this country who aren’t afraid of the gun nuts.  I personally can’t imagine why on earth anyone would want to ever carry around a gun.  But in all seriousness, what’s the point of bringing a weapon into a Chipotle?  I’m not asking rhetorically, I legitimately would love to know what made those two clowns in that picture think that was a good idea.  Gun advocates love to tell stories about how the only thing that can stop a hypothetical bad guy with a gun is a hypothetical good guy with a gun.  But how often does that happen in real life?  And has that situation ever actually gone down in a Chipotle?  I don’t know, but I do know that innocent people have been shot at by people who brought guns into Chipotle restaurants.

Yup, that has actually happened.  In real life.

Kind of puts that extra two bucks for guacamole into perspective.

And in light of their brave stance in the face of the gun lobby, I love Chipotle even more than ever before.